A Note From Our Founder

Understanding why your market buys from you is critical to your success.

It makes sense then, to call Buyers of deals won and lost and ask them Why. You need to know the information they have, and many Buyers are willing to share, so all you have to do to get the information you need to improve your business is pick up the phone and ask. It all seems so simple.

And yet many of the companies we have met along the way don’t know their Buyer as well as they should. Why is that? There are many reasons, of course. But the single greatest barrier of barriers to practicing Win-Loss is available time. When faced with competing deadlines, gaining a more-strategic understanding of your market through Win-Loss is replaced by yet more hyper-tactical fire-fighting. This is a real shame and frankly, knowing your Buyer is so fundamental to your business that there has to be a better way.

That’s why we created the Win-Loss Agency. We want to provide organizations like yours a simple, affordable way to bring Win-Loss insights and program expertise into your organization. We’ve built this business from the ground-up to provide you with plug-in Win-Loss solutions that fit easily with your existing team. Prefer to have your own team perform the analysis but are in a time pinch? Our Plug-In Interviews or Interview Subscription Program is right for you. Just want a Win-Loss market audit to better inform your strategy? We’ve got that covered too. Ready for a full program but don’t have the internal resources or expertise to execute. We want to help you meet that goal.

Keeping it ‘Plug-In simple’ is our ethos. That doesn’t mean we’re templated check-listers, no. Truly, we want get to know your business and products or services. We will speak with people from Product, Marketing and Sales (and more, if you want) before we begin work. What ‘Plug-In Simple’ does mean is that we bring to the table all the capabilities you need to implement a Win-Loss program. We have starter questions prepped, skilled interviewers ready, and leadership who are involved at every step. And we won’t try to pitch you on unnecessary and unrelated frills. We want this to be simple. ‘Plug-In Simple’.

Are you ready to learn from your buyers?

Charles Topping
Founder and Principal Analyst
The Win-Loss Agency

Are you ready to learn from your buyers?


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“We started with The Win-Loss Agency trying to learn about new markets, what we learned was a better way to run the business.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company