The Plug-In Win-Loss Solution For Your Business

“We started with The Win-Loss Agency trying to learn about new markets, what we learned was a better way to run the business.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company

What is Win-Loss Research?

Win-Loss is a qualitative market feedback practice designed to help you see your business from the outside in. As the name implies, Win-Loss speaks directly to the buying process of your customers – new customers, renewing customers and existing customers looking at new products in your portfolio. Understanding why you win or lose business is critical to improving your odds next time. That’s where Win-Loss shines. Win-Loss can be done in project format but works best as an on-going program.

More about our approach

A Simple Win-Loss Approach for Business

Whether you just need support with customer interviews or an entire Win-Loss strategy, we’re ready to jump in and start work quickly. Our team of practiced interviewers and skilled analysts can help you run small-scale projects or manage ongoing Win-Loss programs. We set up the calls, write the reports and make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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