The Plug-In Win-Loss Solution For Your Business

“We started with The Win-Loss Agency trying to learn about new markets, what we learned was a better way to run the business.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company

What is Win-Loss Research?

Win-Loss is a qualitative market feedback practice designed to help you see your business from the outside in. As the name implies, Win-Loss speaks directly to the buying process of your customers. Understanding why you win or lose business is critical to improving your odds next time. That’s where Win-Loss shines. Win-Loss can be done in project format but works best as an on-going program.

More about our approach

A Simple Win-Loss Approach for Business

Whether you just need support with customer interviews or an entire Win-Loss strategy, we’re ready to jump in and start work quickly. Our team of practiced interviewers and skilled analysts can help you run small-scale projects or manage ongoing Win-Loss programs. We set up the calls, write the reports and make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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